Backyard Visitors

WP_20150523_001On a relaxing Saturday morning in our rather, well unkempt back yard, yes it’s a work in progress it’s been neglected for a few years.  Anyway, we looked out our lovely bedroom window, talking and enjoying the fact that our little Mr. was sleeping in.  Soon we noticed a white fuzzy thing in the corner of the yard.  We automatically thought it was another local cat prowling the yard, Spike our neighbors cat is a regular, he’s nice so we don’t really mind their coming and goings and hey they keep down the rodents.  But this was not Spike or the Orange tabby that he buddies around with.  Nope thisWP_20150523_002 was a white spotted fuzzy one, or so we thought!  The one mass melted into two and I yelled to My Mr. “They’re possums!”  Oh dear, I remembered the episode of parks and recreation with the possum, and while not exactly accurate I knew I didn’t want them around.  They scurried around and made themselves at home under our deck for the day, PERFECT, nocturnal animals, grrrrr!  For the remainder of the day they tormented Pax with their very presence (smell mostly).  But with our yard cleaning noise and lack of sustenance, (they’re meat eaters) they must have pack up and headed out under the cover of night.  Thank heavens for that, let’s hope they don’t remember our cozy deck and decided to raise a family there, that would be a nightmare!  Possums beware!

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Phantom with My Man


WP_20150507_010My Mr is amazing!  He has kept a secret for a couple months that he got us tickets to see Phantom of the opera at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.  This was the WP_20150507_007first time for me to go into this beautiful historic building.  The amazing ceiling captured our attention and entertained us as we pointed out the intricate details and pondered how this was structurally possible.  The play began and we enjoyed the memory filled music and beautiful stage design.  We would whisper, ” Oh that was a cool effect.”  we splurged and during intermission bought an overpriced Twix bar to share.  It was a great evening with  this amazing man i get to call mine. 

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Syncing Up with the Girls

IMG_0543You know sometimes mom’s gotta let loose.  I have been so blessed to come to Washington and meet some of the most amazing women.  With all the differing opinions and backgrounds the conversation is never boring.  I always find myself inspired and more understanding after a night out with them.  Oh one night recently we got together to let loose.  I had at another get together mentioned that I I wanted to be on Jimmy Fallon and do his lip sync battle as I felt he had NOTHING on me.  This of course was taken as a challenge and another Girls night was planned to, well see if I was actually as confident as I said I was.  Now I’m no dummy I’m not IMG_0541standing up there and performing just me.  So we all hit the candy bar, Thanks Meri for providing, and let the sugar flow.  It also happened to be late and thanks to a lot of encouragement by Melinda we got the party started.  Now I won’t divulge anything further about the night other than that I did perform, and lots of wonderful music was shared and enjoyed by all.  The rest of the details will be locked firmly in the confines of the brave few of us that were there.  It will always be a treasured and amazing memory!  I am so grateful for this wonderful sisterhood who loves me for the weirdo I am and have been (and continue) to be such a wonderful support to me.  Thank you ladies your friendship means more to me than you know. 

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Humming Sound

IMG_9522A quite simple moment, snuggled up on a warm summer’s evening in our hammock, intently staring at our lovely hummingbird feeder. (special housewarming gift from my parents)  You see all my childhood my grandparents had hummingbird feeders out their kitchen window.  Soon there were two and we would sit and look out waiting for a glimpse of these beautiful, tiny, spirited birds.  In my adulthood my parents too have hummingbird feeders hung outside their window.  Now as I wash dishes, or sit in my kitchen at dinner I look out my windows and watch for these birds.  Amazing the memories caused by such a simple thing.  The gentle hum of their wings is soCollage-16 soothing to me, and they buzz quickly by and hovering for an instant IMG_9562perch on the ledge of the feeder.  They take a few seconds at first but now that the feeder has been there a few days they now sit for a minute or so, popping up and down, sipping and listening for a fellow hummingbirds approach.  I amazed by the beautiful colors these littleIMG_9513 birds have, one is green and black and the other a red, orange color enhanced by the setting sun, it’s lovely.  They both have these black and white stripes around their necks giving the look of  colored shirt to there colorful tuxes.  I love our new little visitors, I hope they stay all summer they add such fun to our windows.  A perfect quiet moment, only the click of my shutter and the fluttering of wings.  Oh the summer!

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Splish Splash


IMG_9468With My Mr. And myself not being the strongest swimmers we made the commitment that when we had kids swim lessons from a young age would be required, we don’t want pass on our water deficiencies.  So little Mr. began his first swimming lessons and some lovely photo of me in a required swim cap which I think really captures the full beauty of my noggin.   But enough with my vanity.  He learned the first rule of swimming class.  Sitting patient at the edge of the pool until mom says he can get in, he did it flawlessly!  Once in the water he was a little tentative but eventually he treated it like a massive bath tub! (which he loves)  He would even try to get me to release him to be on his own, quicklyIMG_9460 learning that it was much deeper than his tub and letting mom help him was probably for the best.  Now we are a few weeks in and little Mr is a complete pro!  He loves the water and can go under water with ease.  He’s so tough!  He’s now our little fish and I’m sure he will be wanting to continue his swimming lessons from here on, I’m going to be a very tired, and happy Mommy with my busy little Mr!

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My Mr. is constantly surprising me.  For a fun date night he look me to see the latest traveling Cirque du Soleil show, KURIOS! After the fun time we had last time, it was fun to head back!  It was like steampunk meets the circus.  We walked into the tent and asked the usher where our seats were, she walked us straight to the front row!  Even My Mr was surprised, he said I knew I got us good seats but not this good.  We settled down and within a few minutes the show was in full swing, the crackling of antique light bulbs lit the stage.  It always takes us a minute to get fully enveloped in the show, you know you have to suspend your reality and get into it.  The show was quirky and imaginative.  The stunts and acrobatics blew out minds, I mean who hurls themselves through the air like that?!  It was a fun night, and another fantastic memory!


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Hear me Roar

Yeah that’s right ladies and gentsWP_20150611_09_32_25_Pro I pulled Those massive root balls out myself.  I can faintly hear “I am woman hear me roar” being played in the distance.  Though to his credit My Mr is not a slacker, he was doing a little thing like installing a central vac system in our house, Oh and did I mention that he did it for me.  Ok so maybe that now makes my root ball thing seem a little weak sauce.  But heck what can I  say we are one heck of a team, we are a never say die, full throttle family who just goes for it no matter the project.  Bring it on!  2 house projects done and the little Mr slept soundly through it all, total success.

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Happy Half Birthday!

2015_cheryl and spence -4811

Little Mr. decided to make an early appearance giving him a December birthday instead of the February one he was suppose to be.  But this only makes him all the more special to me as I love parties as much as anyone!  Now as I don’t want his birthday to get lost in the hub-bub of Christmas we will be celebrating his half birthday.  And a sunny warm summer party is pretty much perfect!  I think this was his plan all along, come early and get 2 birthdays, what a smarty pants.  I love you little Mr.  We’re so glad your ours!

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It’s a Sign

WP_20150312_001As December came to a close My Mr and I felt an urgency to begin looking for a home.  We had tried to find a place close to where we currently live, we loved our ward family there.  It became evident that it was going to be impossible to stay.  So we expanded our view and looked elsewhere, or everywhere!  Then on a trip back home after ANOTHER house tour we drove through a small town that caught our attention.  We both immediately felt impressed to look in that town. Several offers made and we were constantly outbid, we were getting a little discouraged.  While our search continued I had overlooked a house due to its foreclosure  status, those tend to be messy.  But My Mr encouraged me that we should go take a a look. So on a cold February day we pulled up to “the cottage” as I call it.  We were seeing it on the day it was listed at 9 am and there were already 15 realtor cards on theWP_20150312_007 table, a sure bet that this was bound to be a war.  We decided to go for it anyway and put in our best offer.  Then the wait began as the foreclosure process is often lengthy.  But on a Friday we got the news, it was going to be ours!  More paperwork ensued over the next month, we went on our cruise to get away from the crazy we had willingly embroiled ourselves in.  When we returned from our trip all was in order and we walked into the title company to sign.  It was hard on little Mr too, playing with toys, while we signed away our lives.  And then it was done.  It amazes me that in all the homes we have ever lived our decisions are made specifically on impressions, promptings.  And with no research into the areas or people, schools or wards.  We launch head first into them, with complete faith that we will end up where we are meant to be and in this we have gained a great testimony of our Heavenly Father’s time and way for each of us.  He has and continues to lead us where we are meant to be and we have been the recipients on his loving, guiding hand.


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Clouded flight

WP_20150308_029Our flight back from the cruise was cloud covered and beautiful.  I looked down in wonder of the amazing colors and textures.  I have always felt that clouds add so much to scenic photos and to see them from the heights of the sky is awe inspiring.  And as I always talk about . . . . . Light!  I won’t bore you again with how light effects me, you can read here, another moment of reflection on my many blessings.  And my gratitude for my knowledge and faith in things that are unseen but deeply felt.

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Cozumel, Mexico


Last was Cozumel Mexico, knownIMG_2842 for it’s amazing water.  So we planned to take that all in and filled the day with snorkeling.  We boarded our boat with our fun guide, Fernando.  He was incredibly impressed that 3 out of the 4 of us were fluent in Spanish (I was not one of those :( ).  But regardless it made communication great and I think he liked us better because of it!  We took off across the water headed far from the rest of the tourist filled areas.  The water seamed to fade from light to dark to medium blue, clear water.  It was like jumping into a sapphire ring!  I was blown away.  The sun lit up the depth of the ocean and we saw thousands of fish swimming through coral canyons more than 20 feet deep.  The coral looked like massive IMG_9197 2condominiums bursting from the ocean floor.  For a moment I heard myself playing the JAWS theme in my head and I popped up for air and a reality check as I spotted our guide peacefully skimming over the water, life saver doughnut in tow.  After calming myself and making an agreement not to think of that song again while in the water I delved back in not wanting to miss the next sights.  You see, the current whisks you along so while I thought I would look Collage-9back down again to see the same things each time I went down it was like a new location.  We spotted 2 huge lobsters that I wanted to grab and boil in a pot for dinner, I mean they were massive and used great camouflage to disappear into their coral home.  The sea turtles also gave us a fun show as they glided through the water, acting shy as they moved away from our view.  The time on the boat was also nice, looking out at this body of water was awe inspiring.  I took it in and couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be there.  The sun hitting my back and warming me, friends to laugh and make these memories to treasure, feeling the wind as you skiff over the waves, it’s literally amazing.  I know I use that word A LOT but it’s the only thing I can use to describe this experience.  And that was it, our last stop.  We headed back to Florida to rejoin reality, feeling rejuvenated and incredibly grateful. 


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Grand Cayman


Grand Cayman was next and by far our most busy day of the trip.  We started it slow, tendering to the shore and looking in a few local shops.  Then we met up with our driver who took us our to our ocean Collage-8adventure.  We got equipped with snorkeling gear, and mounted our jet skis.  The boys took off through the water following our guide who I think had to be going at least 50 MPH over the ocean waves.  We hit sea star beach first, taking a quick look at the huge star fish that are all over the area.  A quick photo then off we went to Sting Ray City.  This is a very shallow sandy area where the manta rays are a plenty.  I was daunted by their sheer size and speed at which they can swim it is incredible to watch.  We each took a turn swimming with the rays, our arms out stretched under their bellies.  Feeding them some fresh squid was like sticking your hand near a vacuum: very powerful suction!  Then a kiss, yes I kissed this crazy, flat, serpent of the sea!  It was slimy and very sweet.  Then ended with a hug, or flap on the back, which again was like slimy massage.  It was incredible!  They were so majestic, and at first a little terrifying as I took in sheer magnitude of these amazingIMG_8727_Fotor_Collage creatures.  They are incredibly smart.  The one we got to hold and kiss was friends with our guide and she would come and find him every time he came to the reef, so sweet.  We couldn’t stay with the rays forever, sadly, and so we were off again to enjoy a little snorkeling in the turquoise, clear waters.  Beautiful coral reefs were ours to take in and enjoy, the water by this point in the day was a little choppy so we boarded our jet skis again and took off back to catch our taxi and head to the boat.  On our way back to the boat we caught the sight of a pirate ship, do you think Captain Jack was aboard?  I sure hope so!

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